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Parent/Teacher MA Policies



Giving your student the opportunity to learn at an Montecito Academy class or session is very important to us. We will do our best to have fun while learning together.  Your student should be on time to each class or tutoring session to allow us as much time as possible for them to get the help they need.


Please adhere to the following requests to make the learning an enjoyable experience for all of us.


All group class Policies 


Payment for all classes must be paid in full before class or program begins. 

Tutoring Policies 


Payment for all scheduled tutoring sessions is due at the first session.  If your student is beginning tutoring sessions in the middle of the month, the amount charged will be prorated. Payment for subsequent tutoring sessions scheduled will always be due at the beginning of the next month.

If payment is not made at the first session of every month, then your student will not be able to come to tutoring until the payment is made.



Please notify MA at least 24 hours before your student will not be attending tutoring due to an illness, vacation, or extracurricular activity.  We recognize that some illnesses such as the stomach flu or a high fever can cause sudden cancellations.  If a sudden cancellation is due to an illness such as this, a 24 hour notification will be waived.


Make-up tutoring sessions will be made available for your student with appropriate notification. Parents also may choose to skip a make-up session and have a prorated session the following month.  When a child has been absent due to illness, he/she should not return to tutoring until he/she has been without a fever for at least twenty- four (24) hours.


In the event that one of our tutors is ill,  we will notify you as soon as possible and arrange for make-up tutoring sessions.


If a student cancels more than 3 times in a month, a phone call will be made to the parent at which we will decide if tutoring is a good fit for the family.  Tutoring students at this point can opt for “as-needed” tutoring instead of paying to hold a slot in our schedule.


During extracurricular seasons, a parent may opt to pay to hold a child’s spot in my calendar.  The parent will pay for the entire month of sessions to secure the spot. Money will not be returned.  Please contact Montecito Academy about rescheduling tutoring due to any sort of conflicting after school activity.




Sometimes behavior can become an issue for tutoring and prevent progress from being made.


Running Late


Call or text Montecito Academy or your tutor right away if a student is running late. No additional time will be given.




Academic sessions will be more productive if the student comes prepared with any questions they had during class or in a homework assignment. It also helps if the student brings any books or homework assignments needed.  If a student habitually comes unprepared, a phone call will be made to the parents. If the problem persists, Montecito Academy reserves the right to terminate tutoring. All remaining tutor sessions that are paid for will be refunded.


Disruptive Behavior


Sometimes behavior can get in the way of us getting our work done during a session.  We do our best to reward students for good behavior, but if it prevents us from doing the job you are paying us to do, we reserve the right to terminate tutoring.  All remaining tutor sessions that are paid for will be refunded.

Parent Expectations

We would love to talk to all the parents before and after each class, but we have a tight schedule and need to keep the classes moving along.  We ask that parents leave the building once classes have begun and schedule an appointment to meet with staff if an issue needs to be discussed.  

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