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Montecito Academy Homeschool 

Whether you have a student athlete, working professional or artist, international student, or just looking to do an alternative form of learning, home schooling may be the perfect opportunity for you.  


Through our program we offer both private instruction and small group lessons.  Our one-on-one sessions give students exposure to new learning styles, provide access to a wealth of educational materials, and offer specialized instruction in particular subject areas.  Our homeschool teachers can help ease the workload for parents by taking charge of the student's curriculum and educational plan.  Working with our homeschool program offers a flexible schedule so our students are able to enjoy extracurricular activities, sport practices, music rehearsals, work, travels, and appointments.  

Our homeschool rates are set monthly based on the number of hours your student will be working with us. Please contact us for specific details and pricing.  

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